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freezone company setup in dubai
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freezone company setup in dubai

Your Guide To Freezone Company formation in Dubai

Freezone company formation Dubai is relatively easier as compared to the other
models. A Freezone company doesn’t require local sponsorship and is allowed to be
owned completely by expatriates. They are also allowed to set up businesses in Dubai
with certain conditions.
If you are still confused about the type of company you should set up in Dubai, read
here to know more. Once you have decided to establish a Freezone
company in Dubai, here is all you need to do to kickstart your business:


Key steps for Freezone company formation UAE


The documentation requirements for Freezone company setup Dubai are minimum and
the time required for the formalities are also low. Given below are the steps involved in
Freezone company formation Dubai:

 Ascertain the type of legal entity

 Decide a trade name for your business

 Apply for a Freezone license (Dubai)

 Find an office space

 Obtain prior approvals

 Register your company to get your Free zone license Dubai



Here is how you can ascertain the type of legal entity:


For your Freezone company setup Dubai, you have two options for the type of
company. They are:

• Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)

• Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

These are different based on the number of shareholders and the type of shareholding.
All the Freezones are different based on the type of company they register.

Note: Not all Freezones register both types of Freezone Companies.


Decide a trade name for your business


When you ascertain the type of legal entity for the business, you must also decide your
trade name. To finalize the name of your choice, you must check with the Freezone
authority about the allowed trade names and whether the name of your choice has
already been registered by someone else.

Based on DED guidelines, here are some requirements that your trade name for
Freezone company setup UAE must adhere to:

• It must be in sync with the public morals and public order

• The legal form of the organization must follow the trade name

• It should not be previously registered by someone else

• The name should be in accordance with the business activity undertaken and the
legal status

• It should be void of any explicit mentions of religion, governing body or logos of
eternal entities


Apply for a Freezone licence Dubai:


The type of license for Freezone company setup UAE depends on the primary activity
that the business undertakes. Here are some types of license based on the activities
you conduct:

• Commercial/Trade

• Consultancy/Services

• Industrial

• Educational

• Media

• eCommerce

• Offshore

• Freelance

• Warehousing

• Manufacturing.


Find an office space


For Freezone company setup UAE, you can either buy an office space or take it on a
lease. The requirements will be based on the employee strength and type of business

Freezone company formation Dubai requires adherence to the rules of the free zone
you are setting up in. To get the approvals, you must present the necessary documents
based on activity, type of company and respective Freezone requirements.

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